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SubjThe moderator "job"
Hello Bj”rn,

LL>>> Job? What job is that?

DC>> The *moderator* job. That wasn't obvious?

BF> You're out of luck there. In your zone there is no such thing as a
BF> moderator, and therefore no related job. It's defined in a policy document
BF> that your zone has not ratified (e.g. Echopol1).

BF> Maybe if you lobby your new ZC you eventually can join the rest of the
BF> world on this matter...

SD># This echo does not recognize any local or regional echomail
SD>policies such as EP1. This echo originates in Zone 1 and follows
SD>Zone 1 policies concerning the "echolist".

SD># The moderator is the sole person authorized to correct off-topic
SD>behavior publically in the echo. You are encouraged to contact the
SD>moderator via netmail (preferred) or email privately first.

The pretender has self-appointed himself as being the elisted
moderator on a private elist (the "echolist"), thus giving himself
the authority to act (correct off-topic behavior publically in
the echo). He furthermore wishes to keep things secret, behind
closed doors, so that nobody in the echo will know what he does.

Why should any such insolent behavior be tolerated by anybody?

If I self-appointed myself as being moderator of this echo, and
threatened to remove your access, would you not object?
Would you even recognize me as having any legitimate authority
to ban you from participating?

No private elist has any official status in Fidonet.

Nick Andre has publicly admitted this, in this very echo,
not too long ago. Would you like him to repeat it?

I can look up his post, and quote him, saving you the time to ask.

Or you can just take my word for it.

That would save both you and me a lot of time.

Well, not much. If I do a sort by name. :)


Our Nuts, Your Mouth

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