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SubjThe moderator "job"

On 2019 Feb 18 01:01:28, you wrote to Dan Clough:

DC>> Answer that simple question, if you don't mind.

BF> I *do* mind! Come back when you have learned how to behave amongst
BF> grown-ups.

and you're being a grown-up? you don't know dan's age but you treat him like a
child? anyone can tell you that someone in their 50s/60s/70s certainly isn't a
child... hell, that goes for anyone over 30, really... 20 is adult by law but
they're still learning and have a ways to go... my 30+ yo is just now learning
things i learned when i was in my 20s but he also knows a lot of other stuff
that i don't...

BF> In the meantime you can read what Lee wrote about it. He's got it spot
BF> on.

he just knows how to please his master ;) :lol:


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