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SubjIs the USA violating the Geneva Convention? :)
Hello Greg,

GD>>> all meant to intimidate a person on the right or on the
GD> Conservative s
GD>>> of life.

WD>> I think it is going to be very difficult to intimidate you.

GD> True, but the difficulty for me to be intimidated partly comes from being
GD> that I am Conservative. Additionally there are also facts which history
GD> provides.

Facts? What are facts?

History is always a reinterpretation of what others claim.
Not necessarily about anything we know, or think we know.

Those who know nothing about history are doomed to repeat it.
But even if we know, or think we know, we will still repeat it.

Labels, such as conservative or liberal, are meaningless.
For example, politicians in Europe are far to the left of
politicians in the US (both conservatives and liberals).
A liberal in England is a die-hard conservative in the US.
A conservative in England is a die-hard liberal in the US.
Can't really pin anything on The Orange One, as I doubt
he even knows what he is himself.


We Put Big Loads In Tight Places

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