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SubjFreedom of Speech
Hello Bj”rn,

ml>> the fact remains, though, that there's a major amount of off-topic
ml>> political
ml>> garbage that should be in some other area or in private... not here in
ml>> one of
ml>> the "face of fidonet" echos...

BF> That's your opinion.

BF> "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right
BF> say it."

BF> -- Voltair

The French. Sold us out. Twice. To Spain. And then
the Americans came. And forced us to accept their ways.
Including having to adopt English as our language, even
though French was our native tongue.

BF> I guess it can, on my behalf, be contributed to the fact that Sweden was
BF> first country in the world to constitutionalize Freedom of Speech (1766).

There you go.
It's all your fault.
You started it.
Are you ready to apologize?

To be fair, the US also consitutionized Freedom of Speech (1791).
But Cajuns were denied having the right to speak their native
French in schools and other places, even into the 20th century.

The state of Louisiana has two official languages, French
and English, thus allowing Cajuns to have the same rights as
their English-speaking friends.

And yet there are some yahoos in the US who want to make
English the official language, forcing all who do not speak
English to speak a foreign tongue.


It Ain't Payday If It Ain't Nuts In Your Mouth

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