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SubjIs the USA violating the Geneva Convention? :)
Hello Ward,

ml>> that would be better than wading through all the political shite posted
ml>> in here... there are (or were) at least 4 or 5 political oriented echos
ml>> that are available for that type of drivel... you've let it go on for
ml>> waaaaayyyy too long and it has not been ""fun"" for at least a decade+...

WD> You know what? If I want to post political shite in an echo, I prefer it
WD> be in one moderated by Bjorn Felten....

WD> Why?

WD> Have you ever seen him flex his muscle re: moderation? Some people need
WD> though and then become moderator of 40-50 echoes ... not Bjorn.

Has a winner been declared yet? I here it was a real
contest between Bobby Quean, Bob Hoffman, and mark lewis.
Or maybe mark won by default when the other two got tired
of playing the game?


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