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DS> All they want is a chance to plead their case. Why does the current
DS> adminstration go out of its way to prevent that?

GD> All they want is to plead their case? There is no case they have
GD> already violated the laws of a sovereign nation.

DS>The law allows them to ask for asylum before a court.

Thats contingent on their coming here to a lawful port of entry and presenting
themself for lawful processing.

When they're `rounded up out on the desert after their `smuggler' has deserted
them to their fate....their now `asking for asylum' out in the middle of the
desert is like a thief asking `how much for the merchandise' after being
caught stealing it!

Do you really not see the difference between coming to a port of entry and
asking for asylum lawfully....and trying to sneak into the country over
smuggler routes in the desert and, upon being caught in the act of illegal
entry, asking for asylum?

DS>Instead, they
DS>have been deported without any real hearing -- and sometimes without the
DS>children that were taken away from them.

But you're right....their children should be deported right along with them.

In fact....I think its wrong to split the children from their parents....

Deport them all immediately as a family unit....exactly the way they arrived.

DS>That is not only illegal, but
DS>also is inhumane.

You're right....their entry IS illegal...and deporting them as a family unit
immediately they are rounded up is the `humane' thing to do!

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