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TR> They only care about themselves, their own agenda, and creating
TR> *democrat* voters! They don't care if those voters are *legal* voters
TR> or not! As long as they *get a vote*! One more *vote* to further their
TR> sick agenda!

DS>Of course we care if the voters are legal citizens. Undocumented people
DS>and green-card people are not allowed to register and vote -- and that
DS>is as it should be.

Right! Recently it was made `legal' for *illegal aliens* to vote in San
Francisco elections of various sorts.

I'm Almost 77 years old. It's been my experience that give democrats a few
inches and it won't be long before they claim the whole tape measure.

Today...a few school board elections.....then, a mayoral race or three...
then...national elections.

DS>One could say that all the alt-right care about is preserving their
DS>white only society as they see it. Nothing is as simple as you try to
DS>make it sound.

See.....I was holding a conversation with you and you couldn't keep yourself
from tossing *race* and hate into the mix!

This conversation is now ended.

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