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On 10/05/18, Ward Dossche said the following...

WD> GD> You ever heard of those American families who were killed by the hands
WD> GD> illegals.
WD> Have you ever bothered about the number of "legals" that were gunned
WD> down by the police?

You missing the point, but its kinda obvious this is the way you choose
respond with a counterpoint, is that not, always the way it goes when one
believes that they are diametrically opposed.

Police do not draw their weapon if there is no threat to do so. Fatalities do
occur in law enforcement, but it is not deliberate murder by those who are
not susppto to even be in the country.

WD> GD> What about the millions it costs to feed clothe, and provide
WD> GD> medical care as well as educational costs. I don't think you thought
WD> GD> this through.
WD> ... one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all ...

There are American's who do not have the basic of needs, I think WE as a
nation should end this tragedy, before we shed tears and have sympathy for
those who flow in the country illegally.

WD> There is a plaque with the text mounted inside the pedestal of the
WD> statue of Liberty.

This says it best. via the web
"It appears that the "huddled masses" quote was misinterpreted a while back to
mean that we want your down trodden, your poor, your unfortunate, your
disadvantaged, your uneducated, and we will provide you with a free education,
free health care, and allow you to become democrats."

You have twisted it's meaning to fit your democratic talking points.

WD> GD> As it turns out the FBI found nothing new to report.
WD> The FBI also did not produce the proper material to get OJ convicted
WD> although he had "guilty" tatoed on his face.

"if it doesn't fit, you must acquit."

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