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LL> Hello Greg,
LL> LL>> How long would such a wall keep them out? Not more than a few secon
LL> LL>> Better to spend our tax dollars elsewhere.
LL> GD> First Lee let me just say that this will one of those spirited
LL> conversations
LL> GD> that will contain many many messages, and will be talked about and ev
LL> GD> debated and not just here.
LL> How can such a wall work? We have all watched on television how
LL> fast those children can climb. They are agile. Much more so than
LL> you or me. And some of the adults can also climb pretty fast ...

This wall will be built by the direction of a builder, all of the potential
ways of how the wall can by violated or crossed will be thought of before it
is in a construction begins. You make it sound like their putting up a

Something has to be done to keep out people who just walk across the boarder,
it cost in money paid out and cost in lives taken is enormous. It is a real
problem what going on at the southern boarder.

LL> anybody else I know of. So why build it? Why should anybody want
LL> to build (or pay for) something they don't need?
LL> GD> know there will be those who have said and will continue to say that
LL> wall
LL> GD> is not needed but what they never talk about is the cost of not havin
LL> one.
LL> The cost of not having one is $0.00

You ever heard of those American families who were killed by the hands of
illegals. What about the millions it costs to feed clothe, and provide medical
care as well as educational costs. I don't think you thought this through.

LL> Seems to me he was heavily involved in drugs and alcohol.
LL> Totally uncontrolled, even criminal, behavior. Gang-raping
LL> women, not just one isolated incident at a house party.
LL> It is a character issue, not just about having the smarts
LL> to know what the law is.

Where ? When? How?
These are questions Dr. Ford does not know and every one that she had
presented to assist her do not recall or claim it never happened. Dr. Ford does
not how she got there or how she even got home. or where the house was this
alleged sexual assault took place. I believe in Kavanaugh in more ways than
just his innocence, I also believe in Kavanaugh when he said that something did
happen to Dr. Ford that was and still is a traumatic experience. Sexual Assault
is a crime and I will in no way make light of it. It matters. Both Ford and
Kavanaugh were used by the Democratic Party because of their seething hate for
Trump. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder. Lowest unemployment among many
races, with women it is the lowest in 64 years. Making better trade deals with
counties, got rid of NAFTA which has been disastrous for the United States.
More money in our paychecks due to tax restructuring. GDP 4.0 and on the rise,
Stock Market highest in history, all of these things Trump has done and people
hate him and continue to want him impeached. If you hate winning, and hate
progress. I mean it is delusional to find fault and make up fake news so it fit
your puzzle piece of a narrative, and yet the Nation continues its positive
climb, this also annoys people on the left. I swear it's almost like people
want bad times just so they can claim power. That's politics I suppose, I just
see people like this as
leading us in the wrong direction.

LL> Absolutely no doubt it was Brett Kavanaugh. She was traumatized
LL> by what happened, as any woman would. The FBI is conducting
LL> an investigation, and is seeking to corroborate her story.
LL> If the FBI reports what she has said is credible, it is lights
LL> out for Kavanaugh. He can kiss his career good-bye. Not just
LL> his hopes to become a justice on the USSC.

As it turns out the FBI found nothing new to report.

LL> GD> Sounds very made up, I was using the bathroom on the second floor and
LL> GD> pushed in the bedroom across the hall.
LL> Not at all. If three people witness a traffic accident,
LL> all three will give different details. People remember things
LL> in different ways, not all the details being the same.

Nice analogy. It does not work.
She does not know how she got there.
She does not know how she got home.
She does not know where the address was of where this attack took place.
She reached out to 4 others to collaborate her story, they say either that
they do not recall, or it never happened.

LL> LL>> One out of three women are victims of sexual abuse. That is not
LL> LL>> a small number. Rape is a crime of violence, nothing pretty about
LL> LL>> it. Attempted rape is almost as bad as rape itself.

I agree with you sexual abuse is a problem and a serious disgusting crime,
but one is also innocent until proven guilty.

LL> GD> Oh I am sure that those are the numbers, and that this is a disgustin
LL> GD> vile including a shameful act that must be eliminated from our planet
LL> Oh, for sure. And if Kavanaugh did what Dr. Ford claims he did,
LL> he has no business being on any court, much less the USSC.

These words would have larger meaning if there was a scintilla of evidence
but there is none.

LL> President Trump has numerous quality conservative judges to
LL> choose from. No shortage in that department. Ditching Kavanaugh
LL> for a better candidate would be his best option, especially with
LL> Congressional elections coming up in November.

Haven't you figured this out yet Lee? It does not matter who Trump would pick
the dems and the obstructionist left will have a problem no matter who he

LL> With more women coming out of the woodwork to make their own
LL> claims to fame, the FBI investigation will be said to be incomplete
LL> at the end of the week. And you know what that means ...

As it turns out absolutely nothing, nothing new found.

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