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Hello Ward,

GD>> The President nominates who he wants and then the Democrats GD>try to
WD> destroy this person by a baseless smear campaign full GD>of uncertainly
WD> creating a cloud of doubt.

WD> That's what you can expect in a 2-party system where 'winner takes all'
WD> 'compromise' is something unheard of.

And whose fault is that? There is no mention of party in the
US Constitution. George Washington was against the idea, and
detested the idea. He nominated the first nine justices of
the US Supreme Court, naming his friend John Marshal as chief
justice. James Madison and Thomas Jefferson did not share
Washington's view, and felt it was necessary for political
parties to play a part. It was not until 1835 that the issue
was settled, with the death of John Marshall.

The US had a multiparty system up until Abraham Lincoln.
He ran as a Republican for his first term, and won only because
the Democrats split their vote between two candidates in the
general election. He ran as a Union candidate for his second
term, as the Republicans had turned radical. We all know
what happened to Lincoln shortly after he won his second

WD> If there were a 3rd party and no absolute majorities, sides need to talk
WD> each other and reach 'consensus'.

The makeup of the Congress was multiparty up until the time
of Abraham Lincoln. After Lincoln met his maker, a radical
Republican Congress took over, doing whatever it wanted,
with Lincoln's successor (Andrew Johnson) unable to stop them.

This `consensus' of Republicans worked really well. For
Republicans. Not so much for anybody else.

When General Grant took over, he allowed the army to do
whatever it wanted in the South. This action would have
continued forever, even after General Grant retired, had
it not been for Louisiana throwing the election to the
Republican candidate in 1877 (in exchange for getting
an agreement from General Grant to remove all federal

After that, both parties got along without any need for
a third party. Until around WWI, when Professor Wilson
was in charge. The only president in US history who had
a PhD. And he knew exactly what to do to solve the
problem - get the Senate to pass a rule allowing for
a filibuster. That way, any bill the Senate could not
agree on could never be agreed on. Therefore, no third

The Donald has since solved the problem of having a two
party state ...


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