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Hello Greg,

LL>> See how that works? The president nominates whoever he wants
LL>> to put on the US Supreme Court. The Democrats sweep it under the
LL>> rug. Only instead of one year, Democrats would get to do it for
LL>> two years. Maybe six years. Perhaps forever ...

GD> Yes, I see exactly what is going on.
GD> The President nominates who he wants and then the Democrats try to destroy
GD> this person by a baseless smear campaign full of uncertainly creating a
GD> cloud
GD> of doubt.

President Barack Obama (D-Kenya) nominated who he wanted to put
on the USSC. The Republican Senate refused to even allow a hearing
to be held. After the presidential election, when President Donald
Trump (R-Russia) nominated who he wanted to put on the USSC, the
Republican Senate immediately granted a hearing to be held, and
wanted the full Senate to vote on confirmation immediately.

Without a filibuster rule, this country becomes less of a
democratic constitutional republic, and more of an autocracy.
This would not be a good thing. For anybody.

And yet, that is exactly what is happening today.

A one-party state. Republican president nominates, a compliant
Republican Senate gives its rubber stamp approval, and we are no
better than the old USSR.


Stop Workin', Start Jerkin'

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