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Hello Greg,

LL>> How long would such a wall keep them out? Not more than a few seconds.
LL>> Better to spend our tax dollars elsewhere.

GD> First Lee let me just say that this will one of those spirited
GD> that will contain many many messages, and will be talked about and even
GD> debated and not just here.

How can such a wall work? We have all watched on television how
fast those children can climb. They are agile. Much more so than
you or me. And some of the adults can also climb pretty fast ...

GD> As far as the wall is concerned, it will work, just as it has worked in
GD> other places in the world this has been tried.

The Great Wall of China is a tourist attraction. Was it built
to keep Chinese in? Or Mongol invaders out? Maybe a bit of both?

GD> (even the wall in Germany separating West Germany and East Germany worked
GD> for a time,

There was never a wall in Germany "separating West Germany and
East Germany". There was a wall separating a part of Berlin from
the rest of the city, but Germans tore it down at Reagan's request
in 1989.

Reagan asked Gorbachev to do it, but since Gorbachev was dragging
his feet, Germans did it for him.

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" ~Ronald Reagan

GD> until it was no longer needed.

The wall was never needed (or wanted) in the first place.

GD> The wall between the U.S. and Mexico has been needed for sometime. I

Needed? By who? Not by Americans. Not by Mexicans. Not by
anybody else I know of. So why build it? Why should anybody want
to build (or pay for) something they don't need?

GD> know there will be those who have said and will continue to say that a
GD> is not needed but what they never talk about is the cost of not having

The cost of not having one is $0.00

The cost of building one is astronomical.

I would rather spend nothing than spend untold trillions.
Especially on something that is not needed or wanted.

GD> The cost of not having a wall is in the hundreds of millions of dollars,

Nothing from nothing is still nothing.

GD> not to mention the loss of life that is committed on U.S. soil by the
GD> of illegals that no one should ever put a price on, if the tragedy did not
GD> happen to them or to their families - no one seems to care.

Italian dicator Benito Mussolini built a wall around Libya.
This was done between the WWI and WWII. Imagine that. Italians
paying for a wall that nobody wanted or needed. And look what
heppened to Il Duce's "investment".

GD> However if this hardship can somehow be turned and twisted into blaming
GD> Donald Trump then they are all the more eager to jump on the bandwagon.

Have you been keeping up with the news? Libyans are literally
swimming to Italy. Il Duce was trying to save their lives by
building a wall. And he succeeded. For a time. He also got
rid of the Mafia in Sicily. It was not until Italy was freed
by the Allies that left him and his girlfriend alone in the
square ...

TR>>>>> Have you been watching the Kavanaugh hearings?

LL>>>> I watched *all* of Dr. Ford's testimony. I also watched *all*
LL>>>> of Brett Kavanaugh's temper tantrum. President Donald Trump
GD> would
LL>>>> be doing himself, and this country, a favor by withdrawing
GD>>> Kavanaugh's
LL>>>> nomination ...

GD> Not happening. I believe Brett Kavanaugh, his testimony was convincing,
GD> he does have a point, this is not about an inquiry, it is a search and
GD> destroy mission smear by the left.

Seems to me he was heavily involved in drugs and alcohol.
Totally uncontrolled, even criminal, behavior. Gang-raping
women, not just one isolated incident at a house party.
It is a character issue, not just about having the smarts
to know what the law is.

LL>> "I am fiercely independent, and I am no one's pawn."
LL>> ~ Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

GD> This coming from someone who does not have any evidence,

Her testimony before the committee is evidence. The FBI is
free to interview her. If she lies to the FBI, she is off to

GD> or even remember how she arrived, how she got home, or even the address
GD> where this alleged sexual assault took place.

She says she is 100% certain of who tried to rape her.
Absolutely no doubt it was Brett Kavanaugh. She was traumatized
by what happened, as any woman would. The FBI is conducting
an investigation, and is seeking to corroborate her story.
If the FBI reports what she has said is credible, it is lights
out for Kavanaugh. He can kiss his career good-bye. Not just
his hopes to become a justice on the USSC.

GD> No one has asked the question, was there no bathroom on the first floor?

Doesn't matter. She claims the incident occurred on the second
floor, in a bedroom next to, or close to, a bathroom.

GD> Sounds very made up, I was using the bathroom on the second floor and got
GD> pushed in the bedroom across the hall.

Not at all. If three people witness a traffic accident,
all three will give different details. People remember things
in different ways, not all the details being the same.

What would make a story less credible, or even totally false,
is if all "witnesses" told the same exact story, with matching
details. This is how cops are able to differentiate if a
suspect is telling the truth or lying through his/her teeth.

GD>>> Much could be read from the faces of the democrats, the
GD> arrogance, th
GD>>> smugness, and the hate all clearly visible.

LL>> One out of three women are victims of sexual abuse. That is not
LL>> a small number. Rape is a crime of violence, nothing pretty about
LL>> it. Attempted rape is almost as bad as rape itself.

GD> Oh I am sure that those are the numbers, and that this is a disgusting and
GD> vile including a shameful act that must be eliminated from our planet.

Oh, for sure. And if Kavanaugh did what Dr. Ford claims he did,
he has no business being on any court, much less the USSC.

GD> I just do not believe her story, but I did tune in for all it.

Many people may not want to believe her story. But the question
remains - did he do as Dr. Ford claims?

LL>> Had the sexual predator actually managed to rape his victim,
LL>> what else might he have done? Attempted rape is bad enough.
LL>> Rape is worse. Aggravated rape truly horrible. What kind of
LL>> man would even think about harming a woman? Only a sicko.

GD> Such as the case with William Jefferson Clinton with numerous women.

He was telling the truth in his comment about Ms. Lewinski -

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinski!"
~ Bill Clinton

However, he later admitted, in court of law, that he did have
sexual relations with another woman ...

LL>> November is coming. But will there even be a vote by the Senate
LL>> to confirm Kavanaugh? I doubt it. The president does not want to
LL>> be seen by the American people as being a loser. Better for him
LL>> to save himself the embarrassment by withdrawing the nomination
LL>> so it never comes to a vote.

GD> This is exactly what they are hoping for. This has more to do politics
GD> anyone wants to admit. The dems do not want another conservative sitting
GD> the supreme court, so they attempt this smear and fear campaign to keep
GD> from it.

President Trump has numerous quality conservative judges to
choose from. No shortage in that department. Ditching Kavanaugh
for a better candidate would be his best option, especially with
Congressional elections coming up in November.

GD>>>> There were more holes in her story than swiss cheese.

LL>>> If so, the FBI will find them. Now that the president has asked
LL>> the FBI to investigate this matter. Of course, the FBI will not
LL>> limit itself to investigating Dr. Ford's story. The way this
LL>> works is that the FBI gets to ask everybody involved, not just
LL>> Dr. Ford, but also Judge Kavanaugh. Along with others.

GD> Now the FBI will manufacture evidence not to outlandish to say considering
GD> that they have done this before.

The FBI cannot manufacture evidence. It can only investigate
what evidence there is, or might be. Corrobarate a story to find
out if it is credible. If a story cannot be corroborated, it
cannot be verified as being true. Even if it might not be false.

Is Dr. Ford's story more credible than Brett Kavanaugh's story?
Or is it the other way around? Since it is impossible to prove
either story as being true or false, the best that can be shown
is whose story is more credible.

The FBI does not form conclusions. It just writes a report
of its findings. Then gives that report to the White House.
Which shares that report with the Senate. The Senators will
then draw their own conclusions.

LL>> If the FBI is able to corroborate Dr. Ford's story as credible,
LL>> it is lights out for Brett Kavanaugh's nomination.

LL>> Then it would become a question as to whether Brett Kavanaugh
LL>> would want to retire as a federal judge ...

GD>>> Don't know how she got there, does not know who drove her home,
GD> does
GD>>> know where (as in the address) of this alleged sexual assault
GD> took pl

LL>> No worries, mate. That's what we have the FBI for.

GD> There are only questions and no answers and the the FBI does not make any
GD> determinations,

The FBI makes many determinations. But does not form conclusions.
This is a background check. Not a criminal investigation.

GD> the dems had weeks to call for such FBI investigation and not
GD> a single one of them did so.

President Trump could have called for an FBI investigation weeks
ago. He knew of Dr. Ford's allegations before he nominated Kavanaugh.
No excuse delaying a full background check. He deliberately kept
things in the dark, hoping it would never even be brought to light.

When George H.W. Bush found out about Clarence Thomas acting up
with Anita Hill, he immediately called for the FBI to investigate.
No delay. Anita Hill was given the chance to testify, and tell
her side of the story. Clarence Thomas was also given the chance
to testify, and tell his side of the story.

Why did Donald Trump have a problem with doing the same?

GD> This is nothing more then a delay tactic.

With more women coming out of the woodwork to make their own
claims to fame, the FBI investigation will be said to be incomplete
at the end of the week. And you know what that means ...


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