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Hello Alexander,

ak>>> For the USSR setting missiles in Cuba was the only way to
ak>>> make the US to remove its nuclear missiles from Turkey. Do
ak>>> the American textbooks tell about it? ;-)

LL>> Lee Harvey Oswald told us all about it in New Orleans,
LL>> Louisiana. Handed out pro-Cuba leaflets to passersby on Canal
LL>> Street, near the International Trade Center. Not sure where he
LL>> got the leaflets.
LL>> Later, he moved on to Dallas, Texas. We all know what he did
LL>> there.

ak> It happened because some people in the USA (and also Kennedy,
ak> unfortunately) had strange illusions about a high price of a human life
ak> in the US. He thought that a politician in the US could freely ride in
ak> the open car along the streets and wave his hand to the people. No, he
ak> can't, and none of them has done such a foolish thing since Kennedy
ak> killing. And the matter is not in Cuba.

There is more to it than most people will ever know. Or want to know.
Jim Garrison, the district attorney in New Orleans, put Clay Shaw on
trial on charges of conspiracy in connection with the JFK assassination.
His assistant district attorney was the one who did all the work, and
knew all the details. After the trial (Shaw was acquitted) Garrison
wrote a book, claiming it was a conspiracy, that a CIA operative had
popped out of a manhole and shot JFK with a .45 caliber pistol.

After the Clay Shaw trial, his assistant moved away from New Orleans
and resettled in bayou country, and refused to say a word about what
really happened. I used to run into him from time to time at a local
restaurant. He was very open to talk about just about anything and
everything. Except the JFK assassination.

ak>>> Finally the deal was reached.
LL>> Thanks to the Democrat President's brother, RFK.

ak> Negotiation is the a very effective way to solve problems, especially
ak> between strong opponents. Although many obtuse American generals
ak> insisted on war then. It is good that a head of state was not an idiot
ak> as those generals. Yes, thanks to Kennedy.

It takes people on both sides to negotiate in good faith in order
for progress to be made. Without some amount of trust, no good can
ever be expected to happen.

War is a breakdown in negotiations. Actually, more like a breakdown
in communications, not just negotiations. When neither side is willing
to talk, or even to recognize the other side's very existence, bad
things are bound to happen.

Pakistan and India have fought four wars in the past few decades.
The next one would most likely involve some kind of nuclear exchange.
I cannot even imagine the amount of human lives lost, given the
populations of those two countries.

JFK and Kruschev realized that nuclear weapons needed to be controlled,
and limited. Back then, only a small handful of countries had them.
Today, even small countries have them. With many other countries
able to make them.

We should expand the START treaty, or the START II treaty, to include
other countries besides the US and Russia. Buth US President Trump
and Russian President Putin can set an example for the world, in this

So why not call for a summit, with World Peace in mind?

After all, it is World Peace Day.


Stop Workin', Start Jerkin'

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