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Hello Dale,

GD>> What did we get in the western hemisphere a communist county less then
GD>> 80 miles off the coast of Florida.

DS>> You do need to fact check your statements. Key West to Havana is just
DS>> over 90 miles, and Key West is not the coast of Florida -- that is even
DS>> further away.

TR>> Wow! He made a *ten* mile mis-statement!

DS> No, because of his sloppy language, he was off by a factor of two. The
DS> closest point from the Florida coast to Cuba is Havana to the
DS> Everglades, which is more than twice what he claimed.

The US had a policy of allowing Cubans who were able to make it
to dry land to remain in the US, but those who were apprehended
while on the water had to be returned to Cuba.

This policy had been in effect for decades.

US President Obama and Cuban President Castro struck a deal to
normalize relations between our two respective countries.

As part of normalizing relations with Cuba, President Obama
did away with the dry land/wet land distinction. AFAIK.

The question I have, is what is the Trump administration
doing for Cubans who make it to this country? If they manage
to swim here, arriving on dry land before they are apprehended,
get to stay in the US? Or is it they are deported, along with
those who never make it to dry land?

OTOH, the Trump administration could simply allow those who
never make it to dry land to drown, thus saving US taxpayers
the cost of repatrioting them to Cuba.


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