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SubjRe: Cuba / Florida
Hi, Lee Lofaso!
I read your message from 29.09.2018 13:05

ak>> For the USSR setting missiles in Cuba was the only way to
ak>> make the US to remove its nuclear missiles from Turkey. Do
ak>> the American textbooks tell about it? ;-)
LL> Lee Harvey Oswald told us all about it in New Orleans,
LL> Louisiana. Handed out pro-Cuba leaflets to passersby on Canal
LL> Street, near the International Trade Center. Not sure where he
LL> got the leaflets.
LL> Later, he moved on to Dallas, Texas. We all know what he did
LL> there.

It happened because some people in the USA (and also Kennedy,
unfortunately) had strange illusions about a high price of a human life
in the US. He thought that a politician in the US could freely ride in
the open car along the streets and wave his hand to the people. No, he
can't, and none of them has done such a foolish thing since Kennedy
killing. And the matter is not in Cuba.

ak>> Finally the deal was reached.
LL> Thanks to the Democrat President's brother, RFK.

Negotiation is the a very effective way to solve problems, especially
between strong opponents. Although many obtuse American generals
insisted on war then. It is good that a head of state was not an idiot
as those generals. Yes, thanks to Kennedy.

Bye, Lee!
Alexander Koryagin
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