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DS>Most of them are here seeking a better life, just as your immigrant
DS>ancestors did.

TR> The actual truth is...our ancestors threw off a repressive system by
TR> force of arms! We won our freedom at great cost in blood and wealth.
TR> Many of our Founders and contenders for the freedom of the United
TR> States fought at the cost of their own personal wealth and comfort.

That is very true, at least for some peoples ancestors. Other ancestors
came to this country much later as immigrants from a variety of
countries, such as Gregory's ancestors. Some ancestors came in chains
on slave ships. Some people's ancestors were here well before the tenth
century. When and how did your ancestors get here?

TR> Leftie democrats don't consider the families of victims of those
TR> who've been deported again and again as important to the equation of
TR> `illegal immigration'.

I consider violence from any individual or group of individuals
abhorant. The vast majority of those attempting to immigrate from Latin
America are just decent people attempting to reach a better life or to
escape terrorism in their home area.

TR> Nor do they care about the financial cost of illegal immigration. They
TR> easily ignore both those items and many more things that illegal
TR> immigration costs America.

And the other side ignores the economic benefits of immigrants, many of
whom are willing to take jobs that American middle class citizens would
not touch. I recently visited a farm in Florida where the workers were
probably 100% hispanic. The owner/manager of the farm told us he did
not care about their status as long as they did the job and accepted the
pay he was willing to give them. In my current state of Maryland, the
watermen are suffering because they cannot get sufficient workers to
pick the meat from the crabs in order to send crabmeat to the market.

TR> They only care about themselves, their own agenda, and creating
TR> *democrat* voters! They don't care if those voters are *legal* voters
TR> or not! As long as they *get a vote*! One more *vote* to further their
TR> sick agenda!

Of course we care if the voters are legal citizens. Undocumented people
and green-card people are not allowed to register and vote -- and that
is as it should be.

One could say that all the alt-right care about is preserving their
white only society as they see it. Nothing is as simple as you try to
make it sound.

DS>All they want is a chance to plead their case. Why does the current
DS>adminstration go out of its way to prevent that?

TR> And he conviently ignores that they have no `case! They came here
TR> *illegally* They are present here *illegally*! They have committed
TR> *criminal acts* to come here....their presence here is *against the
TR> law*! (remember that old democrat `rule of law' standby?)

There are laws which allow immigrants to come here and to appeal for
asylum status, which is what many if not most of them are doing. Hence
coming here for those people is not illegal.

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