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SubjRules for FIDONEWS
Rules for the Fidonews Echo
Revised: 2004-05-31


This is the Fidonews Echo. Area tag: FIDONEWS


The Fidonews editor, as listed in the nodelist and in the banner of
the most recent issue of the Fidonews weekly publication, is the
permanent moderator of this echo.


The Echopol1 policy applies where applicable, with the exception that
characters above 0x7e hex, 126 decimal (sometimes known as HI ASCII)
*are* permitted (i.e. para V.18.a does not apply).


Every sysop is encouraged to make this echo available to any user,
that's interested in reading and writing in it.


The purpose of this echo is the discussion of recent articles (within
the last two weeks) in the Fidonews publication.


General Rules:

1. The moderator's ruling is final.

2. No vulgar language. This includes, but is not limited to, flames
and profanities.

3. Discuss only articles printed in the Fidonews Publication. A certain
amount of straying from this is however expected and encouraged.

4. In the event that some ingenious person figures out a way to bypass
these rules, the moderator reserves the right to make a rule to
end the situation.

5. Articles are not to be submitted nor will they be accepted in the
echo. If you can write a comment in the echo, you can just as easily
make that a personal letter to the editor -- everyone in the echo
will still see it, only a few days later.

Fidonews Editor, 2:2/2, Moderator

* Origin: Home of the Fidonews (2:2/2.0)