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SubjRe: Cuba / Florida
On 09/30/18, Ward Dossche said the following...

WD> GD> The President nominates who he wants and then the Democrats try to
WD> GD> destroy
WD> GD> this person by a baseless smear campaign full of uncertainly creating
WD> GD> cloud of doubt.
WD> That's what you can expect in a 2-party system where 'winner takes all'
WD> and 'compromise' is something unheard of.

The voice coming from the left is one of hate, and creating issues of
obstruction on purpose without doing much listening or even trying to
find common ground of which to agree on. Chuck Schumer right out of the gate
said he would launch an aggressive anti-Brett Kavanaugh campaign, saying he
would oppose "Judge Kavanaugh's nomination with everything he has, which he
stated the same day in July that President Donald Trump nominated Kavanaugh
for the supreme court.

Dems will find that they will be less and less significant, soon they will
not be listened to at all, because the people in power will know what they are
all about long before they open their mouth to speak.

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