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SubjRe: stock market
On 09-28-18, NICK ANDRE said to TIM RICHARDSON:

NA>On 27 Sep 18 17:46:00, Tim Richardson said the following to Gregory

NA>Deyss: TR> If leftie democrats had any `...respet for the rule of
NA>law'...there wouldn' TR> be any *sanctuary cities* in the United States.
NA>They are a deliberate, blat TR> violation of United States immigration

NA>I would love for you to have a node-number...

No chance of that.

For one thing I have neither the inclination nor the time to devote to
screwing around with another system to run a node on.

For another....I have this suck! Windows Ten thing, which barely runs a PC
system....let alone a node. When Kracht and another individual blocked me out
of Fido for a time I tried to sign onto various foreign boards like Felten's,
a guy in Germany, even David Drummond offered to let me post from his board.

But I couldn't get this suck! Windows 10 crap to work on any of their boards.

But mainly, I'd probably have to obtain a node number from Kracht. Which is
out of the question.

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