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On 09-29-18, GREGORY DEYSS said to DALE SHIPP:

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DS> All they want is a chance to plead their case. Why does the current
DS> adminstration go out of its way to prevent that?

GD>All they want is to plead their case? There is no case they have already
GD>violated the laws of a sovereign nation.

A few things here;

The democrats went into `hate' mode the minute the man's name was mentioned as
the nominee.

Diane Feinstein (a particularly sorry ball of democrat shit) sat on this
accusation from July.

She deliberately held this until the very last minute for a reason; to throw
the process into a last minute turmoil as a delaying tactic to stretch this
out to the November elections.

They are hoping the democrats take control of the house at least...maybe the
Senate. That will be the end of Kavanaugh's chances!

This new FBI investigation is the worst thing for the `democrats'. is limited to one single week! After which Kavanaugh gets voted

But secondly....the FBI may turn up strong indications that this whole thing
was a planned ruse this Ford woman and many others were in on from the very

There's just far too many `democrat' operatives and cut-outs involved for it
to be genuine.

This Ford woman is a flake!

She signed a letter with other democrat professionals back in June complaining
about the seperation of illegal alien children from their parents. A practice
begun by the `Hussein Obama' ....administstration.

She reveals in a session with her `therapist' some sort of attack back when
she was in school. The `name' of this so-called `attacker' does not appear in
the therapists' notes in any sessions' with Ford.

But her (Ford's) husband `remembers' it was Kavanaugh!

(Question: It doesn't appear in this therapists' notes....suddenly Ford's
husband (no doubt a staunch democrat) comes up with it?

She reveals all this to (get ready) `The Washington Post'!

You know.....that stalwart of truth...justice....and clean journalism!

To a newspaper?!!

A look at some of her `lawyers'.....

First of all...a question:

If Ford is a `victim'....why did she have the need to `lawyer up'!?

Isn't it weird that `democrat' *victims* of some terrible wrong by someone on
the right always `lawyer' up!

Secondly...this whole thing is just way too well organized to be something
`out of the blue'. typical may
unravel in the end.

Next....this so-called `polygraph' she supposedly `passed with flying colors'
is a joke! gotta ask yourself; after all the courts Kavanaugh has sat on as a
judge....the half-dozen FBI background investigations he's undergone....surely
his bench appointments were public enough that Ford could have (SHOULD have!)
come forward with this stuff long before now!

One of her attorney's; Debra S. Katz.

Katz has been a loud protester at anti-Trump rallies. `We are going to resist.
We will not be silenced'....Debra Katz

Her law partner...Lisa J. Banks. anOTHer democrat activist!

And recently they were joined by (get ready) Michael Bromwich, who represents
that straight arrow of truth and fairness...disgraced former FBI Deputy
Director, Andrew McCabe!

Another good question:

Ford lives and works in `California'! How did she come to retain the services
of two mean `lawyers' who's law firm is based in DC! How
did she get hooked up with `lawyers' clear across the country?

It also comes up that her `democrat' attorneys were recommended to her by
(watch it! here it comes!) Diane Feinstein! I've seen it suggested that might
be a conflict of interest!

It gets better;

At the hearing on Thursday...on national TV.... it was revealed they (the
attorneys for Ford) are working for free!

For FREE!!!!

When was the last time you ever heard of an attorney working for a client
(work that included appearances on behalf of that client on nationwide TV!)
involved in something of this magnitude....for FREE!!! Not to mention a
polygraph costing $2000, which she (Ford) has no idea who paid the two grand!

A couple of other points;

When offered the chance to be flown across the country to give her statement
to the committee by the chairman....she claimed the purported atack by
Kavanaugh left her so `traumatized' she couldn't subject herself to `enclosed
or confining spaces... like an aircraft.

Let me check something right back.....

Yeah, I thought I read something on that.....

For someone who `can't fly'....she does a lot of `flying'!

She flies to Delaware (hellO Joe Biden!) every year to visit family!

She's gone to Hawaii (flew), various places in the South Pacific(flown! And
of course that brick-bat female politician who thinks `men should just shut-
up!' is a pol from Hawaii!

Oh by the way....she doesn't remember the date of this `polygraph' she
recently took....and didn't pay for it (it costs $2000!) nor who DID pay for

Fishier and fishier!

This has dirty democrat trick written all over it!

A last minute series of `hail Mary' passes, hoping to get someone into the end

And just in case this one doesn't `connect' to a reciever.....they got two or
three other hail Mary passes (accusers) attempting to drag this out even

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