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On 09-29-18, LEE LOFASO said to TIM RICHARDSON:

LL>Hello Tim,

DS>> incumbent. Then there is the optimism of what big business thought that
DS>> Trump was going to do for them. After that first year, the result was
DS>> much more chaotic -- probably reflecting the chaotic policys that Trump
DS>> announced.

TR> The economic numbers are undeniable. Trump has *skunked* that sorry piece
TR> of shit (Hussein Obama) all the way down the line.

LL>President Barack Obama left an economy that was doing very well.

Hussein left an economy that was in shambles!

LL>Hopefully, the economy will continue in a positive direction, rather
LL>than descending into the mess left behind by GWB. But that will
LL>take leadership. And to date, that leadership is clearly lacking.

GWB didn't create the piss poor economy...he inherited the vast majority
of it; ruined over a long period of time by people in BOTH political parties
who were more worried about scoring political points, and lining their own
pockets than helping the American People!

How the hell does someone in the House make $175,000 a year; or in the Senate
$195,000 a year, pay living expenses in both DC AND their home constituency...
and after several terms go home a millionaire? It can't be done! Do the math!

Even a third grade student can see that a person who is making minimum wages
(which at the time were around $2.50/hr or so) had not a chance in hell of
avoiding default when allowed to purchase a house and property in the 3 or 4
hundred thousand range! And banks or financial institutions who made those
kinds of mortgage loans deserved whatever losses they incured! There should
have been a voter uprising over using taxpayer money to bail those stupid
suckers out! `Too big to fail'? They were too stupid to exist to begin with!

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