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SubjSocial welfare
Hello Greg,

GD>>> Coming here illegally, and expecting free food, housing,
GD> education,
BF>> medical
GD>>> care.

BF>> WOW! Do they really expect that? Not even the US citizens get any
GD> of
BF>> that.

BF>> Maybe you are confusing USA with the European countries?

GD> Not Confusing this with anything that is European, but no one anywhere
GD> should expect the people who have plenty to give to those who do not.

Why not? Everything should be free. But nothing ever is.

Veterans (those who have served in the US military) get everything
that Europeans take for granted. We should extend to all what we
provide for veterans. That would make this country a better place
for everyone, excluding no one.

GD> Instead they should provide for themselves and enjoy the fruits of labor
GD> that hard work and bit of determination provide.

We should all share the fruits of our labor with our brethren.
Otherwise, we would not even be worthy of being a nation.


Every Bottom Needs A Top

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