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Hello Greg,

LL>> I'd have to check some nautical charts, but Key West may be 80
LL>> miles from Cuba (nautical miles rather than staturary).

TR>>> And *you* caught sorry democrat son-of-a-bitch!

LL>> I cannot say Greg is factually incorrect.

GD>>>> Russia trying to bring there missiles to Cuba, they made the
GD> right
GD>>>> choice to turn around and return home.

DS>>>> Thanks to pressure from a Democrat President, JFK.

GD> What if JFK were running today, He would be a Republican, the Democratic
GD> party has changed drastically from what it was in the 60's.

JFK campaigned in Crowley, Louisiana when he ran for president.
His wife was with him, and both had a wonderful time. His views
were very much in sync with how Cajuns viewed the world. There
was also much more bipartisanship in Congress during Kennedy's
time. Today, there are very few moderates in either party in
Congress. Just a small handful.

Blue Dog Democrats are an endangered species. Two of them are
up for re-election to the Senate this year, Manchin from West Virginia
and Nelson from Florida. Moderate Republicans became extinct with
the death of John McCain. Flake is no moderate like McCain, but
thanks to his last-minute action in regards to the Kavenaugh
confirmation proceedings, may be seen as somewhat of a maverick.

I do not like this us versus them tribal mentality. No progress
can possibly be made in this poisonous atmosphere. We need to have
men (an women) of courage step up to the plate and work together
in a bipartisan fashion if we are to remain united as one country.

We were united after the attacks on 9-11. There were no democrats
or republicans among us. Not even GWB was regarded in that light.

We were united after the financial collapse, when a black man
helped lead this country out of financial ruin. Even John McCain
referred to him in glowing terms - "You are my president."

Today, a federal judge who has been nominated to serve on the
US Supreme Court is being smeared with allegations of sexual
misconduct, as well as criminal acts. Whether the charges are
true or not, his reputation is ruined forever.

Of course, if Kavenaugh did as Dr. Ford claims, his nomination
should be withdrawn by the president. The Senate should not even
consider moving forward if the president insists on putting him
on the court.

Some Democrats want the nomination to fail. Regardless of whether
Kavenaugh is innocent or guilty. And then hope for Democrats to win
a majority in the Senate this coming November. When the new Senate
convenes in January, it would not matter who the president nominates.
The Democrats would be the majority party, and control the process.
They could do do President Trump what Republican Senators did to
President Obama.

See how that works? The president nominates whoever he wants
to put on the US Supreme Court. The Democrats sweep it under the
rug. Only instead of one year, Democrats would get to do it for
two years. Maybe six years. Perhaps forever ...


Erections, That's Our Game

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