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Hello Greg,

TR>>> be any *sanctuary cities* in the United States. They are a
GD> deliberate
TR>>> blatant violation of United States immigration law!

LL>> Withholding federal funds to cities is a violation of the US
LL>> Constitition. Supporting politicians who promote breaking the
LL>> law is rather childish. And I'm being charitable.

GD> Coming here illegally, and expecting free food, housing, education,
GD> care.
GD> Build the Freakin Wall!

How long would such a wall keep them out? Not more than a few seconds.
Better to spend our tax dollars elsewhere.

TR>>> Have you been watching the Kavanaugh hearings?

LL>> I watched *all* of Dr. Ford's testimony. I also watched *all*
LL>> of Brett Kavanaugh's temper tantrum. President Donald Trump would
LL>> be doing himself, and this country, a favor by withdrawing
GD> Kavanaugh's
LL>> nomination ...

GD> Yes I did watch the fake ford testimony, lots of crackling in her voice
GD> one tear rolling down her face, it has been said that she has accumulated
GD> one million dollars in her go fund me account, she should donate it all to
GD> the victims of rape, I am sure there a number of institutions that would
GD> put the money to the best use.

Well, since she is claiming to be a victim ...

GD> She was a pawn for the hating demoncrats, this was not about Ford or
GD> Kavanaugh, it was about hatred for Trump, & the thirst for power.

"I am fiercely independent, and I am no one's pawn."
~ Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

GD> Much could be read from the faces of the democrats, the arrogance, the
GD> smugness, and the hate all clearly visible.

One out of three women are victims of sexual abuse. That is not
a small number. Rape is a crime of violence, nothing pretty about
it. Attempted rape is almost as bad as rape itself.

Had the sexual predator actually managed to rape his victim,
what else might he have done? Attempted rape is bad enough.
Rape is worse. Aggravated rape truly horrible. What kind of
man would even think about harming a woman? Only a sicko.

Brett Kavanaugh was 17 years old at the time. His intended
victim was 15 years old. His friend helped him do it. That
makes his friend an accessory.

In most states, 17 year olds who do this sort of thing can
be tried as an adult. The penalty for rape in the state of
Louisiana (at the time this event allegedly occurred) was
life in prison. Death if it was a black man doing it to
a white woman.

What is the penalty for attempted rape, rape, and aggravated
rape in the state of New York? I never bothered to look it up,
but I would think it would be rather harsh.

No matter where such crimes take place, the penalty is harsh.
Used to be 17 year olds could be put to death. But the USSC has
ruled that minors cannot be executed. But they can still be
given life in prison without parole.

GD> The American people will see this for what it really is; a complete sham,
GD> and the results for what they see will be displayed after the votes are
GD> counted in November.

November is coming. But will there even be a vote by the Senate
to confirm Kavanaugh? I doubt it. The president does not want to
be seen by the American people as being a loser. Better for him
to save himself the embarrassment by withdrawing the nomination
so it never comes to a vote.

GD> There were more holes in her story than swiss cheese.

If so, the FBI will find them. Now that the president has asked
the FBI to investigate this matter. Of course, the FBI will not
limit itself to investigating Dr. Ford's story. The way this
works is that the FBI gets to ask everybody involved, not just
Dr. Ford, but also Judge Kavanaugh. Along with others.

If the FBI is able to corroborate Dr. Ford's story as credible,
it is lights out for Brett Kavanaugh's nomination.

Then it would become a question as to whether Brett Kavanaugh
would want to retire as a federal judge ...

GD> Don't know how she got there, does not know who drove her home, does not
GD> know where (as in the address) of this alleged sexual assault took place.

No worries, mate. That's what we have the FBI for.


Everybody Loves Our Buns

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