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Hello Bj”rn,

GD>> Coming here illegally, and expecting free food, housing, education,
GD>> medical care.

BF> WOW! Do they really expect that?

It is kind of like playing a gig. Nobody expects to make a cent.
But everybody hopes to make a million.

BF> Not even the US citizens get any of that.

It is administered differently. Veterans get the best of everything,
regardless of what state they reside in. Poor folks get the best of
everything, regardless of what state they reside in. The only real
difference being veterans earned their keep while poor folks didn't.

So. You want the best of everything? Sign up with Uncle Sam.
Do your duty. If you are still alive to collect, retire happy.

Or do like Woodie Guthrie. Do your time serving your country.
If you survive after having done your duty, pick up your guitar
and see the country. All expenses paid, wherever you go.

Over 80% of Guthrie's songs are classified, never having seen
the light of day. What did he sing that the US wanted to keep
secret? He spend the last years of his life at an institution,
suffering from Huntington's Disease. Certainly his songs
could not have been that important. Or could they?

BF> Maybe you are confusing USA with the European countries?

* Free College Education
* Free Healthcare
* Free Vacation Time
* Free Parental Leave
* Free Baby Items
* Free Daycare

Want to go to college, without having to repay student loans?
Go to Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland,
or Louisiana.

Want to get free healthcare? Only the state of Louisiana used
to have a charity hospital system. No other state ever did.
So, unless one is a veteran who has served in the US military,
those in the USA are shit out of luck.

The US is the only wealthy industrialized country in the world
that does not have universal healthcare.

Want to take a vacation? The US does not have a national paid
leave policy. Nor does any state in the US have such a policy.
25% of US workers have no time off. The US is the only advanced
country in the world without a paid vacation policy. We work
till we drop. That is our policy.

In the UK, workers get 28 days. In Denmark, workers get only 25
days. I am sure Sweden offers its workers quite a few weeks off.
And Germany. And Italy. And France ...

Want to have a baby? No problem. But who is going to sit for
them? In the US, parents have to work. No time for babysitting.
Or for much anything else. National Paternal Leave is not in
our vocabulary. Which might explain why fewer and fewer people
in the US are bothering to get married or make babies.

Bulgaria, Greece, UK, Slovakia, Croatia, all have national
leave policies. Pretty much the same with other countries in
Europe. But not limited to one small continent. Kiwis have
also gotten into the act, with New Zealand having such a policy
for 22 weeks. The UK has 52 weeks. Yes, the length of time
does vary from country to country. But, the point is, the US
has NONE.

Want to have baby items for your baby to play with? Finland
has a policy of accomodating its parental leave policy by
adding baby items for those who want them. I'll let Tommi,
our resident sysop from Finland, explain how that works.

Want to have daycare? It is available. But not in the US.
The average cost of daycare in the USA is $10,000/year.
Politicians in the US will never allow their constituents
to get free daycare. Got to protect those mom & pop small

Denmark, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, and Sweden all offer
free universal childcare. That is $9,000/child age 6 or
younger every year to provide daycare. Denmark pays 75%
or more to lower income folks.

"If you want peace, work for justice." ~ several popes


Big Or Small We Lay Them All

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