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Tobjorn felten0:0/0.0Date Arrived2018-09-29 19:30:16
SubjFidoNews 35:38 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List
firstly, please accept my apologies for not using the proper 'o' in your
name... i'm writing this from netrunner using telnet into my new BBS setup... i
am not sure how to make that character in this mode...

> URL news://
> Join Info in group +GETACCESS+
> NETMAIL Yes, 1:3634/12

so, i've lost my OS/2 setup and had to install a whole new BBS... i went with
synchronet because it almost offers everything i had patched together with my
previous setup... so, i'm not running jamnntpd any more... i guess that takes
me out of this listing...

on the other hand, if the listing were to change and list any news servers,
that might be an OK thing... if it changes to listing any news servers offering
fidonet echomail, then please change my entry to the following...

Join sign up on BBS
NETMAIL Yes, 1:3634/12

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* Origin: SouthEast Star Mail HUB - SESTAR (1:3634/12)