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On 09/29/18, Lee Lofaso said the following...

LL> TR> be any *sanctuary cities* in the United States. They are a deliberate
LL> TR> blatant violation of United States immigration law!
LL> Withholding federal funds to cities is a violation of the US
LL> Constitition. Supporting politicians who promote breaking the
LL> law is rather childish. And I'm being charitable.

Coming here illegally, and expecting free food, housing, education, medical
Build the Freakin Wall!

LL> TR> Have you been watching the Kavanaugh hearings?
LL> I watched *all* of Dr. Ford's testimony. I also watched *all*
LL> of Brett Kavanaugh's temper tantrum. President Donald Trump would
LL> be doing himself, and this country, a favor by withdrawing Kavanaugh's
LL> nomination ...

Yes I did watch the fake ford testimony, lots of crackling in her voice not one
tear rolling down her face, it has been said that she has accumulated one
million dollars in her go fund me account, she should donate it all to the
victims of rape, I am sure there a number of institutions that would put the
money to the best use. She was a pawn for the hating demoncrats, this was not
about Ford or Kavanaugh, it was about hatred for Trump, & the thirst for power.
Much could be read from the faces of the democrats, the arrogance, the
smugness, and the hate all clearly visible. The American people will see this
for what it really is; a complete sham, and the results for what they see will
be displayed after the votes are counted in November.

There were more holes in her story than swiss cheese.
Don't know how she got there, does not know who drove her home, does not know
where (as in the address) of this alleged sexual assault took place.

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