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Hello Tim,

DS>> Most of them are here seeking a better life, just as your immigrant
DS>> ancestors did.

GD>> Is that what you believe?

TR> Most lefties spout shit like that.

November is coming!

DS>> And *THAT* is what I believe.

TR> The actual truth is...

November is coming!

TR> our ancestors threw off a repressive system by force of arms!

Thomas Jefferson & Co. used a quill.

TR> We won our freedom at great cost in blood and wealth.

It is amazing what a small group of men could do with a quill,
parchment, and handmade ink.

TR> Many of our Founders and contenders for the freedom of the United States
TR> fought at the cost of their own personal wealth and comfort.

Who signed the Declaration of Independence?
I have the full list of names.
So did the King of England.

Who signed the US Constitution?
I have the full list of names.
So did the King of England.

Who signed the FidoNet Policy 4 document that is worshipped
and adored by Zone 1 administrators?
Nobody has a clue, as those who wrote that piece of cyberjunk
have chosen to remain anonymous.

Why did 11 Republican US Senators choose to remain anonymous,
hiding behind a skirt, rather than asking questions themselves
directly to Dr. Ford, the woman who came forward claiming she
was a victim of attempted rape by a man who has been nominated
by an admitted sexual predator to become a justice on the US
Supreme Court?

At least your sorry excuse of a president has been forced
to re-open an FBI investigation into the activities of the
creep he wants to put on the court. It would have been
better had he withdrawn the nomination, thus saving himself
further embarrassment. But no matter. The FBI will do its
job, and the Senate will take into consideration what has
been reported before casting its vote.

Of course, the president will withdraw the nomination once
he knows the guy really is a creep, as claimed by at least one
of his accusers.

You see, US Senators (regardless of party) have to ask themselves
one question. That question is who or what they choose to serve.
Is it their duty to serve their president? Or their country?
What is their priority? What should be their priority?

My president, right or wrong?

My country, right or wrong?

Brett Kavenaugh showed who he wants to serve.
He showed his president, every US Senator, and all Americans.
Brett Kavenaugh threw a temper tantrum for all to see.
Live, on national television. "I like beer!"

The president has given the FBI one week to finish its
investigation. If the US Senators request the president
to give the FBI more time, he will have no choice but to
do so.

That is something the president has yet to understand.
The Senate has a role, that of "advise and consent", guaranteed
by the US Constitution. The president is not a dictator, even
though that may be his wish.

Three branches of government. Separate branches. Each branch
with certain powers.

November is coming!

The president does not like the democratic constitutional republic
we have. His dream of turning that democratic constitutional republic
into an autocracy has been thrwarted, at least for the moment, by a
not quite compliant Senate.

All thanks to a Republican Senator from Arizona.

And I am not talking about John McCain.

GD>> You should wake up, from your delusional dream. These
GD>> people are killers and oh

DS>> Why do you say that they are killers? Because Trump said so in one of
DS>> his political rallies?

TR> Leftie democrats don't consider the families of victims of those who've
TR> deported again and again as important to the equation of `illegal
TR> immigration'.

November is coming!
With enough Mexicans and others from only god knows where,
this will be real change! And after real change comes to the
House and the Senate, just you wait and see what comes next!
We will all be singing "California Dreamin'" when Kamala takes
the stage as our first black woman elected president ...

TR> Nor do they care about the financial cost of illegal immigration.

We would all save billions by not having to build a wall.

TR> They easily ignore both those items and many more things that illegal
TR> immigration costs America.

Barack Obama did not need a wall to keep illegal immigrants out.
Neither did any other president. So why does Donald Trump need a
wall? Who is going to pay for this monstrosity, this thing that
nobody needs or wants?

TR> They only care about themselves, their own agenda, and creating *democrat*
TR> voters!

"I like beer!" ~Brett Kavanaugh, wannabe justice to the USSC

TR> They don't care if those voters are *legal* voters or not! As long as
TR> they *get a vote*! One more *vote* to further their sick agenda!

JFK did not care if voters were dead or alive. Mayor Daley
delivered, and that's all that counts!

GWB did not care if voters were not counted. Brother Jeb (with
a little help from Kathryn Harris) delivered, and that's all that

See how that works? It doesn't matter who votes, or did not vote.
It is who counts the votes, and delivers.

DS>> The Mothers and toddlers that he forced to
DS>> separate are killers?????

TR> Notice he makes no mention of their *illegal* presence here in the first
TR> place!

They are seeking asylum. Therefore, they are here legally.

GD>> by the way they do not respect for the rule of law.

TR> Ah yes! Yet again Shipp throws in that old `democrat' standby: `...the
TR> of law'!

Mob rule is not an alternative most people would want.

DS>> All they want is a chance to plead their case. Why does the current
DS>> adminstration go out of its way to prevent that?

TR> And he conviently ignores that they have no `case! They came here
TR> *illegally* They are present here *illegally*! They have committed
TR> *criminal acts* to come here....their presence here is *against the law*!
TR> (remember that old democrat `rule of law' standby?)

Lemme see if I got this right.

Jews who attempted to flee Germany should have been returned
to Germany, knowing what their fate would have been.

That is, in essence, the argument you are making.

Those who come here seeking asylum should be returned to where
they came from, even if it means sending them to their deaths.

Imagine that. Men, women, and children. I'm glad they were
not on board a ship. At least we have to house them before sending
them away.

TR> They came her illegally....they should be deported immediately.

Why not return the Statue of Liberty to France while you are at it?

TR> If they come back they should go to prison and then be re-deported!

Well, at least if they go to prison they will have housing and
good food. Along with access to quality health care. And just
think about all the new daycare centers that will be opening up.
All temporary, as those kids will be going to prison once they
reach adulthood ...

TR> BTW....some of them should be prosecuted under our `child endangerment'
TR> for dragging innocent children all that ways under dangerous conditions in
TR> order to try to gain an *illegal* foothold in the United States!

Oh. So now you are adocating the US to kidnap children
and put them up for adoption ...


Your Hole Is Our Goal

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