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Hello Tim,

RB>> "Administration" sounds so much nicer than "protectorate", doesn't it?
RB>> And, of course it was taken from Spain by military force - as was Cuba.
RB>> But that didn't work out so well. It was great for Meyer Lansky for a
RB>> while, but Castro didn't want his country to be an American colony where
RB>> the income wqs exported to the American Mafia.

GD>> What did we get in the western hemisphere a communist county less then
GD>> 80 miles off the coast of Florida.

DS>> You do need to fact check your statements. Key West to Havana is just
DS>> over 90 miles, and Key West is not the coast of Florida -- that is even
DS>> further away.

TR> Wow! He made a *ten* mile mis-statement!

I'd have to check some nautical charts, but Key West may be 80
miles from Cuba (nautical miles rather than staturary).

TR> And *you* caught sorry democrat son-of-a-bitch!

I cannot say Greg is factually incorrect.

GD>> Russia trying to bring there missiles to Cuba, they made the right
GD>> choice to turn around and return home.

DS>> Thanks to pressure from a Democrat President, JFK.

TR> Kennedy was shitting his pants over it! If it weren't for wiser heads than
TR> his... those missiles would still be there!

The US has missiles in Turkey. This was revealed when the Turkish
military tried to topple the Turkish government. Fortunately, the
elected government was able to quash the revolt, and the missiles
remained safely in US hands.

Imagine what would have happened had Fidel Castro had actual
control of real nukes in Havana. There would have been no more
Havana. And likely not much else left of what remained of Cuba.

TR> BTW....John Kennedy was another sorry piece of dog dirt! So was the entire
TR> Kennedy family!

Maria Shriver is a wonderful person! Used to be married
to a Republican from Austria! Had to throw him out of the
house when he got caught sleeping with the nanny ...

And John Kennedy is one of the finest US Senators there is,
possibly the next Republican President of the United States!
And best of all, he is from Louisiana! A Cajun President!

TR> And so are you!

Republicans are pachyderms.
Democrats are jackasses.
Cajuns are whatever they want to be.


Our Nuts, Your Mouth

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