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Hello Tim,

DS>> Actually all Americans, including you, ought to have respect for the
DS>> rule of law. Your words deny that you belive in that fundamental
DS>> principle.

TR> You never ceases to crack me up laughing to see or hear one of
TR> these leftist democrats like Shipp talk about `.....respect for the rule
TR> law'!

Depends on who writes the law.
And who interprets the law.
And who enforces the law.

TR> If leftie democrats had any `...respet for the rule of law'...there
TR> be any *sanctuary cities* in the United States. They are a deliberate,
TR> blatant violation of United States immigration law!

Withholding federal funds to cities is a violation of the US
Constitition. Supporting politicians who promote breaking the
law is rather childish. And I'm being charitable.

TR> A leftie democrat will come up with hundreds of reasons why they ignore
TR> law of the land when it suits their agenda.....but the first thing you
TR> hear them pound on when things aren't quite going the way they want them
TR> go is `blah blah blah ....THE RULE OF LAW!' Or (one of my personal
TR> favorites) `We are a nation of laws!'

Are we a `nation of people' or are we a `nation of laws'?
What should we be, or become?

TR> But if it involves something they think will mean a vote for them or their
TR> sick agenda.....the `law' goes out the window!

Sick agenda? Like freedom and justice for all? I kinda like that
sort of sick agenda ...

TR> Have you been watching the Kavanaugh hearings?

I watched *all* of Dr. Ford's testimony. I also watched *all*
of Brett Kavanaugh's temper tantrum. President Donald Trump would
be doing himself, and this country, a favor by withdrawing Kavanaugh's
nomination ...

TR> I've watched this circus and I want to say to democrats both in Fido and
TR> everywhere:

Well, since I am not affiliated with any political party ...

TR> You are sorry pieces of dog shit! Each and every one of you are sorry
TR> of dog shit!

Be careful! FidoNet's mascot is a dog! And that dog can poop!

TR> And that includes each and every single democrat in fido and the entire
TR> country:

Well, at least that confines things to those in Zone 1.
All other dogs can continue pooping without shame ...

TR> You are sorry pieces of dog shit!

Here. Have a clothes pin. It's on me.


Your Hole Is Our Goal

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