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SubjRe: stock market
On 09-27-18, DALE SHIPP said to GREGORY DEYSS:

DS>Most of them are here seeking a better life, just as your immigrant
DS>ancestors did.

GD> Is that what you believe?

Most lefties spout shit like that.

DS>And *THAT* is what I believe.

The actual truth is...our ancestors threw off a repressive system by force of
arms! We won our freedom at great cost in blood and wealth. Many of our
Founders and contenders for the freedom of the United States fought at the
cost of their own personal wealth and comfort.

GD> You should wake up, from your delusional dream. These
GD> people are killers and oh

DS>Why do you say that they are killers? Because Trump said so in one of
DS>his political rallies?

Leftie democrats don't consider the families of victims of those who've been
deported again and again as important to the equation of `illegal

Nor do they care about the financial cost of illegal immigration. They easily
ignore both those items and many more things that illegal immigration costs

They only care about themselves, their own agenda, and creating *democrat*
voters! They don't care if those voters are *legal* voters or not! As long as
they *get a vote*! One more *vote* to further their sick agenda!

DS>The Mothers and toddlers that he forced to
DS>separate are killers?????

Notice he makes no mention of their *illegal* presence here in the first

GD> by the way they do not respect for the rule of law.

Ah yes! Yet again Shipp throws in that old `democrat' standby: `...the rule of

DS>All they want is a chance to plead their case. Why does the current
DS>adminstration go out of its way to prevent that?

And he conviently ignores that they have no `case! They came here *illegally*
They are present here *illegally*! They have committed *criminal acts* to come
here....their presence here is *against the law*! (remember that old democrat
`rule of law' standby?)

They came her illegally....they should be deported immediately. If they come
back they should go to prison and then be re-deported!

BTW....some of them should be prosecuted under our `child endangerment' laws
for dragging innocent children all that ways under dangerous conditions in
order to try to gain an *illegal* foothold in the United States!

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