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SubjRe: stock market
On 09-27-18, DALE SHIPP said to GREGORY DEYSS:

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DS> incumbent. Then there is the optimism of what big business thought that
DS> Trump was going to do for them. After that first year, the result was
DS> much more chaotic -- probably reflecting the chaotic policys that Trump
DS> announced.

The economic numbers are undeniable. Trump has *skunked* that sorry piece of
shit (Hussein Obama) all the way down the line.

The GDP is great! Unemployment is down further than its been in decades! The
stock market is humming along great! Our trade agreements are becoming more
fair and favorable to us.....

GD> Instead of assuming that is probably due to the chaotic policies, why
GD> don't you state some facts that lead you believe that they are chaotic
GD> policies.

DS>Trump's policy attempts have been almost the definition of chaotic.

Trump has democrats like Shipp PISSED!!!!

Trump lives rent free in their heads!

DS>He tweets ......blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of leftie democrat horse shit.....but Trump is walking all over them!

And Shipp know it.

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