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SubjRe: stock market
On 08-21-18, GREGORY DEYSS said to DALE SHIPP:

DS> Actually all Americans, including you, ought to have respect for the
DS> rule of law. Your words deny that you belive in that fundamental
DS> principle.

You never ceases to crack me up laughing to see or hear one of
these leftist democrats like Shipp talk about `.....respect for the rule of

If leftie democrats had any `...respet for the rule of law'...there wouldn't
be any *sanctuary cities* in the United States. They are a deliberate, blatant
violation of United States immigration law!

A leftie democrat will come up with hundreds of reasons why they ignore the
law of the land when it suits their agenda.....but the first thing you will
hear them pound on when things aren't quite going the way they want them to go
is `blah blah blah ....THE RULE OF LAW!' Or (one of my personal favorites) `We
are a nation of laws!'

But if it involves something they think will mean a vote for them or their
sick agenda.....the `law' goes out the window!

Have you been watching the Kavanaugh hearings?

I've watched this circus and I want to say to democrats both in Fido and

You are sorry pieces of dog shit! Each and every one of you are sorry pieces
of dog shit!

And that includes each and every single democrat in fido and the entire

You are sorry pieces of dog shit!

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