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On 09-24-18, WARD DOSSCHE said to ALL:

JD> of the toilets were in a closet sized room. A toilet, and maybe a
JD> sink to wash your hands.

WD>I've never seen one without a sink.

The Germans had toilets without sinks.

There were a couple of reasons for that:

German were taught at a very young age to take a leak without pissing on their

And to not get any ofal on their fingers when they wiped!

After being conquered by the Allies in WWII, they had to start putting sinks
in their toilets because the Allied soldiers didn't know enough to take a piss
or a crap without getting their hands wet and/or dirty!

It was actually a self-defense tactic against disease from the dumb-ass Allied
soldiers who crowded German taverns at the end of the war! They crowded German
taverns because their own beer at home was crap compared to great German Ale
and Beer. (The Allies probaly weren't fighting to rid the Europeans of
Nazism....they were fighting to get to German taverns for the great beer and

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