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RB> "Administration" sounds so much nicer than "protectorate", doesn't it?
RB> And, of course it was taken from Spain by military force - as was Cuba.
RB> But that didn't work out so well. It was great for Meyer Lansky for a
RB> while, but Castro didn't want his country to be an American colony where
RB> the income wqs exported to the American Mafia.

GD> What did we get in the western hemisphere a communist county less then
GD> 80 miles off the coast of Florida.

You do need to fact check your statements. Key West to Havana is just
over 90 miles, and Key West is not the coast of Florida -- that is even
further away.

GD> Russia trying to bring there missiles to Cuba, they made the right
GD> choice to turn around and return home.

Thanks to pressure from a Democrat President, JFK.

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