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SubjRe: stock market
DS> The first years climb in the stock market were most likely due to two
DS> factors. First there is the inertia left over from the previous
DS> incumbent. Then there is the optimism of what big business thought that
DS> Trump was going to do for them. After that first year, the result was
DS> much more chaotic -- probably reflecting the chaotic policys that Trump
DS> announced.

Instead of assuming that is probably due to the chaotic policies, why don't
you state some facts that lead you believe that they are chaotic policies.

DS> DS> In contrast, under the Obama administration, the stock market rose by
DS> DS> total of 180.4% from its low caused by the Bush recession. DS>
DS> GD> Obama couldn't straighten this out...
DS> That senctence makes no sense.

I agree it makes no sense to me either that Obama was President for 8 years
and he could not fix the alleged recession.

DS> GD> you stop trusting and liberal anti-trump hating media and educate
DS> GD> yourself. check out and look at what Trump has done, and
DS> GD> judge for yourself instead of believing what the liberal media wants
DS> GD> spoon feed you.
DS> I did go look at that site. It is full of things that I would not call
DS> accomplishments, of things that are of doubtful veracity and of things
DS> that are redundant postings.

If you don't look at the site, then how would you know what is within?
The only thing that is redundant is your ability to jump on anti-Trump
bandwagon, this points to another fact, that you can not think for yourself.
You would rather be lead, instead of taking the lead.

DS> GD> These people who are on the left have so much compassion for these
DS> GD> folks who want to end us. because all of us are the devil to them.

DS> Actually all Americans, including you, ought to have respect for the
DS> rule of law. Your words deny that you belive in that fundamental
DS> principle.

Do you think that these people being held are good people and mean us no harm
here in America? All they wish to do is melt into our culture, they dream about
having a house in the suburbs with children and a 2 car garage?

Is that what you believe?

You should wake up, from your delusional dream. These people are killers and oh
by the way they do not respect for the rule of law.

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