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SubjRe: USA is maybe not so great any more?
On 09/19/16, Michiel van der Vlist said the following...

Mv> Then let me return the favour and explain for the "understanding
Mv> impaired" as well:
Mv> OK, it was not your direct ancestors that invaded Northern America, it
Mv> was the brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces of your ancestors that did
Mv> that.

Your logic makes no sense.
If it was not my direct ancestors, then how could it be any any other.
Records show it was in the year of 1848 when my Grandfather's - Grandfather
was the first person who came to the USA from Hamburg, Germany.
before 1848 there was no one from from any descendant of my family here in the

Mv> By accepting the welcome committe at Ellis Island as the powers that be,
Mv> your ancestors became an accessory after the fact of that illegal
Mv> invasion. That makes you the descendant of illegal immigrants.

Do you have any idea how stupid you sound? You are reaching far and wide to
make your baseless argument, it's missing the mark of making sense, at least
to me.

Sure, there will be some that will agree w/ you because being in agreement
with a conservative point of view, is just not how it is played in here with
a room of lefties.

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