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SubjNAB vs FidoWeb
Hello Nick,

NA>>> Simple... the NAB is still around because some people want NA>to keep it
>> running.

LL>> We all know it is a ruse, a means of censorship.

NA> I will not reply to your paragraphs about censorship, since if you really
NA> understood and studied my background; it would not of been necessary to be
NA> passionate or lecture me about a hobby I've contributed to since '94.

All those who participate in FidoNet should be passionate about
a hobby they love. Especially those who have contributed their own
time to help others who share the same interest.

"I'm trying to shed Fido of the `Fight-o-net' moniker." ~Nick Andre

That is something we should all strive to do - not just sysops.

NA> You seem to be very vocal on what I should be doing as ZC1.

Much of what I stated is what I believe every sysop should be doing
in FidoNet. Not just in Zone 1, but throughout FidoNet.

NA> I will very politely tell you that if you had a node number in zone 1, you
NA> would of had the opportunity to ask your questions during the election and
NA> perhaps initiate a very good discussion on what should or should not be
NA> done.

At the time, you were not Z1C.

But next election, I will be sure to consider voting for you.
Assuming you choose to run for another term.

Of course, it would help for me to obtain a node number ...

NA> I do not understand why you are on a "probationary" status.

Because I have every intention of becoming a full-fledged sysop.

NA> I have not heard of that term before for a Fido node.

Every participant who is not a sysop is a potential FidoNet sysop.
That includes lurkers, who usually remain hidden before coming out
of hiding.

NA> Why do you not run a mailer and have an actual node number is very
NA> to me.

In the early days, there were lots of participants and few sysops.
Today, there are lots of sysops and few participants. And of those
participants, most are sysops themselves.

People have moved on to Facebook and Twitter, etc. The days of
community bulletin boards has become a thing of the past. Ancient
history. How many dial-up BBS's do you know about? When was the
last time you used/accessed one?

A FidoNet sysop does not have to run a BBS. A FidoNet sysop does
not have to make his/her system available to the general public, or
to anyone, other than himself.

A FidoNet sysop is lord and master of his own system/universe.

NA> I would be supportive of you having a node number despite not agreeing
NA> a lot of your posts.

You would be a crazyman if you agreed with even half of my posts.

NA> I'm telling you the same thing I told Tim Richardson (I think was his

It would be a boring FidoVerse if everybody agreed with each other.

NA> Simply put, I do not force anyone to get feeds from either NAB or Fidoweb.

"If you choose not to decide
You still have made a choice."
~ Rush (lyrics)

That is the essence of stoicism. Right there.
All in a nutshell.

Sysops have always had the authority to choose where to get feeds.
Nobody has authority to limit those choices, whatever those choices
may be.

That is what I was trying to get at in my previous post.

I believe we are both on the same page on this.

NA> I have stopped the "zone wars" and will not perpetuate egotism or
NA> antagonism as ZC1.

I am not sure if it is possible for you, or for anyone else, to
stop the "zone wars". The best you can do is set an example for
others to follow. Or join with you in that mad campaign.

So far, I like what I see (or have read by you and several others).

I much prefer looking to the future rather than dwelling on the past.
This makes a better FidoNet for us all. Invite all, including former
adversaries, to be a part.

NA> Anyone who wants to continue them, is doing so on their own; as I will not
NA> be trolled or roped into such nonsense.

Old habits die hard, but eventually those who want a better future
do see the light.

NA> There is no censorship or dictatorship.

There will always be censorship/dictatorship. But what fool in
their right mind would want to subject themselves to such idiocy?

NA> Sysops can get feeds from whoever they want.

Sysops have always had authority to "get feeds from whoever they want."

Nobody has authority to limit those choices, whatever those choices
may be. Do I have authority to tell you where to get your feed? I
don't think so. In fact, I *know* so. Even if I was Bruce Almighty,
I would not have that authority.

NA> I admire the time you spent writing me your message, but believe you are
NA> making inaccurate assumptions about what I will or will not do.

Nobody can know what I will or will not do.
Not even myself on my very best day.

So what am I to know about what you will or will not do?
I don't even want to koow!


Everybody Loves Our Buns

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