FromNick Andre1:229/426.0Date Write2018-09-17 23:19:23
ToLee Lofaso0:0/0.0Date Arrived2018-09-18 06:30:12
SubjRe: NAB vs FidoWeb
On 18 Sep 18 02:52:31, Lee Lofaso said the following to Nick Andre:

LL> NA> Simple... the NAB is still around because some people want to keep it
LL> NA> running.
LL> We all know it is a ruse, a means of censorship.

I will not reply to your paragraphs about censorship, since if you really
understood and studied my background; it would not of been necessary to be
passionate or lecture me about a hobby I've contributed to since '94.

You seem to be very vocal on what I should be doing as ZC1. I will very
politely tell you that if you had a node number in zone 1, you would of had
the opportunity to ask your questions during the election and perhaps
initiate a very good discussion on what should or should not be done.

I do not understand why you are on a "probationary" status. I have not heard
of that term before for a Fido node. Why do you not run a mailer and have an
actual node number is very puzzling to me. I would be supportive of you
having a node number despite not agreeing with a lot of your posts. I'm
telling you the same thing I told Tim Richardson (I think was his name).

Simply put, I do not force anyone to get feeds from either NAB or Fidoweb.

I have stopped the "zone wars" and will not perpetuate egotism or
antagonism as ZC1. Anyone who wants to continue them, is doing so on their
own; as I will not be trolled or roped into such nonsense. There is no
censorship or dictatorship. Sysops can get feeds from whoever they want.

I admire the time you spent writing me your message, but believe you are
making inaccurate assumptions about what I will or will not do.


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