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SubjThe 000 country phon
Hello Dale,

On Tuesday June 26 2018 01:31, you wrote to me:

MVDV>> But... there was no option to not dial certain numbers at all.
MVDV>> My POTS mailer, InterMail, had no documented way to tell it to
MVDV>> never attempt to dial numbers starting with 000-.

DS> It is possible Intermail had a way to do that. One could set up cost
DS> tables. Page 16-17 of your manual. I think that there was also a way
DS> to tell intermail not to call numbers with a high cost at certain
DS> times of the day, but I cannot find that in my manual. If so, one
DS> could set a very high cost for 000 and then not allow that cost to
DS> dial at any time during the 24 hour day.

I vaguely remember you mentioning that when we discussed this about a decade
ago. I do not recall all the details, but I do remember studying the manual and
like you not finding a documented way to do it. I have dropped InterMail when I
dropped POTS over 5 years ago and the manual is probably stlll somewehere
around, but it is not within reach.

DS> Perhaps someone can fill in the second step to make that work, or not
DS> -- since not many folks are still using intermail.

Perhaps. But even /if/ there is a documented way to have Intermail to never
attempt to dial numbers starting with 000-, it is no guarantee that all classic
POTS mailers can do it. There is no way that we can catch them all.

One of the weak points of Fidonet is that it is so hard to get rid of bad
ideas. One of those bad ideas is putting IP numbers in the telephone number
field. It is in the nature of development that not everything that comes up is
a good idea. Welll, it may look a good idea when it first pops up, but on
closer look it is not. In science and industry it is common that ideas come and
go. The good ones are kept and the bad ones are dropped. When was the last time
you saw a car with a Wankel engine? Have you ever heard of Fred Hoyle's steady
state theory? But in Fidonet this mechanism does not seem to work. The good
ideas are kept, but he bad ones are seldom dropped. There is always someone who
wants to hold on to them. :(

Using bogus telephone numbers was a bad idea to begin with. It is unsafe and it
may cause high cost to the caller and lots of inconvience for the proverbal old
lady that is called by a modem in the middle of the night.

There is no excuse to continue this bad practise. The INA flag has been in use
for over a decade. No need to put IP info in field seven. Versions of MakeNl
that can list IP only nodes as -Unpublished- without Pvt are available for all
common OS's. There is no excuse for still listing all zero telephone numbers.

Cheers, Michiel

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