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SubjThe 000 country phone number hoax
Hello David!

28 Jun 18 08:54, you wrote to me:

KvE>> Well I do like his truck and the camper unit he can load on it.;)

DD> I like it too - but fuel economy can be an issue when travelling into
DD> prevailing wind.

I know a guy who built his slide on camper himself, it was very
nice and probaly very heavy as well. My camper is a fully integrated type.
as yours not very good on fuel economy when travelling into the wind.

KvE>> What is up the road for you, 100 Miles?

DD> About 120km actually.

KvE>> Where you live, it is far to hot for me, N-Z would be better.

DD> Choose your season. July/August is a good time to tour this part of the
DD> world - not too much rain happening and temps rarely over 25C (well,
DD> except for Darwin, it still gets 30 or so there).

That is better than our summers. I have been in the tropics long enough not
to long for them anymore. ;)


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