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-=> mark lewis wrote to Bill McGarrity on 06-19-18 12:13 <=-

ml> it is easy enough to see via historic nodelists... plus my site has a
ml> set of pages documenting the ICs, ZCs and Z1RCs... especially the IC
ml> and ZC pages help but there's no dates specified... there are, however,
ml> pointers to which nodelists were used so they could also be used to
ml> note pretty close the date of their appearance...


ml> shows that Z3 was an entity by at least 1987 Oct 16... Alwyn Smith
ml> first appeared in the nodelist as 3:640/0 on 1987 Oct 16...

ml> and this one


ml> shows that Z4 was an entity by at least 1989 Jun 16... Pablo Kleinman's
ml> currently known first appearance was as 1:18/4 on 1987 Oct 16... PSST!
ml> look at that! a regional independent back in 1987!...
ml> P4 was put into effect 1989 Jun 09 so it is very concievible that Pablo
ml> Kleinman (1st Z4C) and Alwyn Smith both participated in the P4
ml> selection process...

Right now I was going by what Ward said. Michiel came back and disputed his
remarks. I'll let those two discuss it to come up with some logical conclusion.



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