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Hello mark,

WD>>> GSM is digital and funtioned at a different frequency than the
WD>>> American (I think analog handheld) system at the time.

ML>>> yes, i'm aware of those... i think the above situation was more
ml> along
ML>>> the lines that different freqs were used elsewhere than
ml> here...that's
ML>>> what the antennas with transmitter/receiver units were for... they
ML>>> got special permission to use those other freqs during that time
ML>>> period ;)

DS>> Twenty years ago, weren't there phones in the back of some seats on
DS>> airplanes that could be used to call out, albeit at a very high
ml> charge
DS>> per minute?

ml> there were... those were tied into some sort of network the craft was part
ml> of... they were likely satellite connections at that time... probably
ml> are these days unless they're doing VoIP/Wifi and linking that to
ml> satellites for internet connectivity...

How were passengers able to talk to people on the ground - twenty
minutes after the plane had been shot down? AFAIK, there are no cell
phones (or any other kind of phones) in heaven.


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