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SubjRe: What if USA had stayed home after WWII?


RB> Not everything was sweetness and light in Belgium, either.

That is correct and not a matter of dispute. It is well documented in history.

There was a very strong Nazi-party in Belgium prior to the war (and in the
Netherlands, and in France, and in many other countries). My parents were 18
and 17 and recalled the arrival of the St.Louis in port as big news.

There were mass demonstrations quay-side by Nazis and to ensure the safety of
the passengers there were three trains on the quay cordoned off by the police.
One train left for the south of the country to an at the time undetermined
destination which happened to be a number of abbeys and monasteries. One train
went straight to France. One train went to Ostend where the passengers destined
for England went on a regular ferry to Dover. For the people going to the
Netherlands another ship moored alongside the St.Louis and they stepped from
one boat onto the other, they never landed.

I'm not certain what you're trying to prove Bob, but I do know what I'm talking
about. I have the 1939 newspaper clippings here with me as well as the newsreel
from those days.

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