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SubjFirst man on the moon.
Hello Bjorn,

LL>>> AFAIK, women can't pee standing up.

WD>> Oh yes, they can.

BF> You've seen it too, eh?
BF> Maybe the Louisiana women aren't all that open with it?

I found a photo of a peeing woman standing up in front of an urinoir
at this Danisch website:


May be you can find out who this lady is?
But be aware that she could be 20 years older now,
as the years the site already exists indicates.

And last but not least I have another question for you.
How will you react if your beloved woman was at the flight of Apollo 13?
Because that fligth was a very tricky one I have seen.
They had many luck to come home again,
but in the meantime their family sure felt some fear?


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