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SubjNo Peace Possible
-=> Gregory Deyss wrote to Mike Miller on 01-31-18 22:37 <=-

MM> So that means he's allowed to lie more, and we should give him a pass?

GD> Haven't you figured it out by now, I do not look at the President with
GD> hate and cynicism, my mind continues to open and objective.

Hate has nothing to do with it. He is consistantly lying over his
"achievements" and ALL his statements are checked by relieable sources.... even
if Faux or Brietbart don't.

MM> I appreciate each one of my friends, no matter what their political
MM> opinion is. I will engage with them, and try get them to see things how
MM> I see them, because that is human nature.

GD> Right, sometimes we have to agree to disagree, and there is nothing
GD> wrong with that. Sometimes people get so nasty and downright cut-throat
GD> with the their strong beliefs, some of it is quite loony, specially
GD> when it includes items that are fabricated just to fit their narrative.

As one who should look into the mirror.

Tell me something Greg, how do you feel about the altered "top secret" memo
sent to Trump by Nunes AFTER it left committee? (please don't deny it, the GOP
leaders have already stated it was altered) You may want to look up the meaning
of obstruction of justice because Nunes is going to be sitting in the cell next
to the Trump family.



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