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SubjRe: No Peace Possible

JK> > If you want an inspiring inaugural address, watch JFK's on YouTube ...
JK> > no teleprompter needed.

JK> :)

JK> Well interestingly enough Bobby Kennedy's Grandson and JFK's Grandnephew,
JK> Joe Kennedy gave a rousing speech as the Democratic Party's response to
JK> Trumps SOTU.

JK> I'm sold Lol

I watched both speeches. With Trump's I turned away to something else in a
minute, maybe two. When such a public address starts you immediately get a
sense of the potential ... more of the same of the past year. Hollow, nothing.
I'm especially worried about the live-audience of career-politicians where many
where clapping their hands because they were expected to ... they are

When I heard Joe Kennedy's opening statement, you immediately sensed
"something" is going to be said. "This is going to be worth my time"

Are these the first few seconds of the re-birth of Camelot? As someone who's
old enough to remember the short Kennedy presidency whose promises were never
allowed to bloom ... could it happen again ?

I'm sold too.

And from my Republican friends too I see they're scared Trump will only be one
term ... they ought to rejoice the madness will be over in less than 3 years.


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