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SubjOpen Letter to Z1C
Hello Everybody,

It has become obvious that Nick Andre has become burned out
as Z1C, and the need for a replacement must be found ASAP.

Here is what P4 says about the Z1C position and what duties
are required -

6.1 General

A Zone Coordinator for FidoNet has the primary task of maintaining the
nodelist for the Zone, sharing it with the other Zone Coordinators, and
ensuring the distribution of the master nodelist (or difference file)
to the Regions in the Zone. The Zone Coordinator is also responsible
for coordinating the distribution of Network Policy documents and
FidoNews to the Regional Coordinators in the zone.

The Zone Coordinator is responsible for the maintenance of the nodelist
for the administrative region. The Administrative Region has the same
number as the zone, and consists of nodes assigned for administrative
purposes not related to the sending and receiving of normal network

A Zone Coordinator is charged with the task of ensuring the smooth
operation of the Zone, which is done by appointing and supervising the
Regional Coordinators.

If a Zone Coordinator determines that a Regional Coordinator is not
properly performing the duties outlined in section 5, a replacement
should be found.

The Zone Coordinator defines the geographic boundaries of the regions
within the zone and sets the time for the Zone Mail Hour.

The Zone Coordinator is responsible for reviewing and approving any
geographic exemptions as described in section 5.6.

The Zone Coordinator is responsible for insuring the smooth operation
of gates between that zone and all other zones for the transfer of
interzonal mail.

The Zone Coordinators are responsible for the selection of the
International Coordinator from among their ranks.

-=end text=-

LL>> No private elist/echolist has any official status in Fidonet.

LL>> Wouldn't you agree? After all, you are the duly elected Z1C.

NA> If I'm not doing my job as ZC, I would of been nailed to the cross by now.

The job duties of the Z1C are clearly defined in P4.
Really not much to do -

* maintain the nodelist for the Zone

* share the nodelist with other Zone Coordinators

* ensuring the distribution of the master nodelist (for difference
file) to the Regions in the Zone

* coordinating the distribution of Natwork Policy documents and
Fidonews to the Regional Coordinators in the zone

That's it. Nothing about private elists/echolists. Nothing at all
about echomail. Why is that? Because Zone 1 has no policy at all
concerning echomail. Zippo. And that is exactly how the previous
Z1C, and those before her, wanted it!

Must be the current Z1C also likes it that way.

NA> I agree that I run ZC1 operations on a server system and resources out of
NA> own pocket, crank out nodelists, play Netmail-man to the best of my
NA> and exchange witty banter with friends here and in other Zones.

Nick Andre asked for the gig, he got it. As such, he has only
himself to blame. Nobody else.

NA> Let that resonate for a moment please... exchanging mail over a silly
NA> message network that a tiny fraction of tech-people worldwide still use
NA> today, and volunteering to keep it all running.

Zone 1 only ecompasses a small part of the world, with less than
300 sysops participating. And that is too much for you to handle?
If so, let somebody else who is more interested do the job. I am
sure there are number of very capable sysops who would volunteer
for the gig.

NA> People trying to take me to task over e-lists, echolists, whatever they
NA> I could care less. Thats time being taken away from shameful
NA> self-gratification.

NA> Nick

Since you could care less about your fellow sysops, step down.
Please. It would be the honorable thing to do.


As Good As It Looks

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