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SubjRe: The moderator "job"
-=> Lee Lofaso wrote to Dan Clough <=-

LL> Hello Dan,

LL>>> Job? What job is that?

DC>> The *moderator* job. That wasn't obvious?

BF>> You're out of luck there. In your zone there is no such thing
BF>> as a moderator, and therefore no related job. It's defined in a
BF>> policy document that your zone has not ratified (e.g. Echopol1).

DC> Irrelevant to whether or not the moderator is doing his job.
DC> Another weak attempt at diversion/deflection.

SD># This echo does not recognize any local or regional echomail
SD>policies such as EP1. This echo originates in Zone 1 and follows
SD>Zone 1 policies concerning the "echolist".

LL> The pretender rejects EP1 and all other Fidonet
LL> documents/policies. As an excuse for his actions, he writes
LL> something about the "echolist." Here is a little something for
LL> your big brain to figure out -

LL> No private elist has any official status in Fidonet.

LL> Now think about what that means.

LL> That is not only Zone 1 policy, but also Zone 2 policy,
LL> and Zone 3 policy, and Zone 4 policy.

LL> IOW, the pretender's claim to fame is based on nothing but
LL> his own imagination.

LL> And that makes it all very, very relevant to this discussion.

BF>> Maybe if you lobby your new ZC you eventually can join the
BF>> rest of the Fido world on this matter...

DC> Whether Z1 defines/agrees with it does not change the fact that
DC> you, as the moderator, are not doing the job as defined in policy.
DC> If you were, I wouldn't be seeing the political crap in the echo,
DC> regardless of what zone I'm in. Right?

LL> By rejecting EP1, the pretender is admitting he has no legitimacy
LL> to act in any capacity as a "moderator". The pretender further
LL> undermines his legitmacy by publicly admitting he is a liar,
LL> falsely claiming a private elisting has an official status in
LL> Zone 1.

DC> Answer that simple question, if you don't mind.

LL> I did. Clearly and concisely.

DC> For a moment, ignore Z1. Are you doing the job as defined in
DC> policy that Z2,3,4 *DID* ratify?

LL> Yes, he is. As defined by EP1.

DC> Again, answer the simple question, please.

LL> I did. Clearly and concisely.

DC> If your answer is "no", then you are *NOT* doing your job.

LL> The pretender has no job, for two reasons. First, the pretender
LL> rejects EP1. Second, Zone 1 also rejects EP1. Which means, in a
LL> nutshell, there are no moderators in Zone 1.

I'll not respond to you again, as you make less sense than the
"moderator" and ramble on incessantly about mumbo-jumbo.

Stop wasting my time (and yours).

... Ignorance can be cured. Stupid is forever.
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